Build Your Own Computer, Part 2

If you missed part 1, go here. What components are necessary? These are the bare minimum components that are necessary to have a working computer for home or office use. CPU – Central Processing Unit, aka Chip Motherboard RAM – Random Access Memory Storage Disk – Hard drive/SSD Power Supply […] Read More

Build Your Own Computer, Part 1

You might think it’s hard to build your own computer. You’re probably not an electrical engineer, what do you know about building computers? (Or perhaps you are an electrical engineer: Congrats! You should know how not hard this is!) The truth is, it’s never been easier to build your own […] Read More

What Is TechDifferent?

Who Are We? I’m starting this blog for those of us who love tech, but in a different way than the people we see around us or different than the media shows. Perhaps you don’t lust after the newest iPhone? Perhaps you are not a stereotypical geek hunched over your […] Read More