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An Update

Yesterday, on August 17, 2019, this blog (techdifferentblog.com) came back up online after… oh, about 6 months offline.

Since I self-host, I have to keep up with all the latest and greatest tech to make sure my site stays secure and online. But, I am not really what I would describe as an expert, plus I work a full time job. What this means is I just don’t always have the tools or time to make sure everything is working properly. However, yesterday, after a few days pondering and tinkering, I finally got it up and running again! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!


What’s with the title of this post?

But, I didn’t come here to talk about this. I came because I have a confession.

I’m coding.

Yeah, yeah. I know I said I don’t like it. But, I have reasons that I want to do it.

  1. For one thing, I am tired of my job. I won’t go into details, but just know that I’m done there. Unless some serious structural changes take place, I need to move on in my career.
  2. I am tired of living where I live. I live where I grew up and I hate it. The culture, the climate, the traffic, the cost. It’s all bad. For me. A lot of people love it here, but I am not one of them. I want to move to the Southwest. However, jobs aren’t plentiful there. Especially in my line of work.
  3. I need a job that is remote so I don’t have to be tied to one place just because of where I work. I want to be able to work anywhere, at any [remote] company. Coding allows me to get a job as a software engineer or a web developer, and work from anywhere.

How to get into coding

There are about as many ways to get into coding as there are blogs on the whole internet. You can:

  • go to college and get a computer science degree (pricey, long)
  • go to community college and get an associate degree in computer science (cheaper, shorter)
  • go to a coding boot camp (pricey, short)
  • read a bunch of coding books (cheap, long)
  • read a bunch of coding tutorials online (cheap, long)
  • ask someone for a coding internship (really difficult)

If you are interested in getting into coding for work, I recommend checking out the app Career Karma. Career Karma is not so much a set path as it is a social network to talk about getting a job as a software engineer or other tech type. They partner with coding boot camps to give people information and a social setting to discuss how to get a job with $0 up front. That doesn’t mean it’s free. Coding boot camps cost money, but a lot of them do what is called an Income Sharing Agreement or ISA. This means you go to a boot camp for free, the boot camp trains you, helps you get a job, and when you start a job, you pay a percentage of your salary back to the boot camp. This sounds like a dream come true, and for some it is. But, be aware the amount of money you’ll pay back will be a lot and may be more than what you might pay at a community college.

If you want to read books or do online tutorials, there are tons of resources. You can start with some of the boot camps’ free prep courses. I did Flatiron’s free prep course, and I’m also currently doing The Odin Project, which is Thinkful’s prep course. I’ve looked at Free Code Camp and it looks good for beginners who have never coded before.

What should I study?

If you are starting out on your own, like I am, you need to know what to start studying. I recommend this, in order of difficulty:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

These languages (and PHP now that I think about it) make up probably 99.9% of the world wide web. HTML is the back bone of the web. Without it, the web doesn’t exist. CSS styles the web. Without it, the web would be quite boring. JavaScript powers the interactions on the web. Without it, the web would not do anything, it would merely be a web of information, links, and pictures. (PHP is what powers WordPress, which is used a very high percentage of blogs and websites.)

After you master JavaScript, you may want to try other languages, like Python or Ruby. I personally love Python.

Follow me!

I probably won’t be able to post very much on here, but I’ll try to post every once in a while. I definitely have one post idea I’d like to put up soon. However, I’ll be on Twitter posting about my learning, so please connect with me there if you’re interested — @TechDifferent1

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