What Is TechDifferent?

Who Are We?

I’m starting this blog for those of us who love tech, but in a different way than the people we see around us or different than the media shows. Perhaps you don’t lust after the newest iPhone? Perhaps you are not a stereotypical geek hunched over your computer coding everyday? Perhaps you love being outdoors, but aren’t interested in the latest GoPro and would rather make your own drone? There are a million ways you can be a part of TechDifferent. Here are just a few:

You may love tech and you are not the stereotypical white guy nerd.

You may be a stereotypical white guy nerd, but you support non-white, non-male, non-straight, non-nerdy people doing tech stuff!

You may love tech and you work in a different industry.

Maybe you work alongside people that do tech and their work interests you.

Young man working on Mac

You may love tech and you’re still in school.

You may love tech and no one else you know loves tech as much as you.

You may like tech and not know very much and want to learn more about it.

Whoever you are, you are welcome here at TechDifferent! I hope you learn something or are inspired here to do your own tech projects!

Overall, I want this to be a supportive community where we discuss tech news and tech subjects mainly, but also sometimes veer off on tangents of other things that interest us.

Who am I?

My name is Emily, and I started this blog because I worked in other industries, but somehow found my way to IT projects in my spare time. My background is actually in the geographic sciences and engineering. Waaaaay back when I was in school, I was exposed to plenty of IT, but the only real class they had was coding (programming). And, if I may be honest, I. Hate. Coding. I would rather rip out my eyeballs than code a random program!

What I really love is getting into the nuts and bolts of something. How does a computer work? What parts go into a laptop or a tablet? And how are they different from a desktop computer? And when it comes to coding, not all coding is bad. If I have a problem I want to automate, I’d rather write my own algorithm to solve the problem than just download a program that already does it. I like to know what does what and how it works; and the only way I really learn is by doing it myself. So, yes, I’ll talk a bit about coding when I have a project that requires it.

Woman on bench with Mac
Woman on bench with Mac

But, there’s more to tech than just coding here. I hope to get others interested in learning about the diverse world of computers and computing technology and even other sciences. I would also really really love it if this blog became a collaborative project where many people can come a contribute content based on stuff that I may not know about. Do you have a tech interest or a science interest you’d like to discuss? Let me know! I’d love to start talking about it!

I’m going to write about things that I am interested in. This is an informal blog. I am not an expert in any of these subjects. Everything is according to my experience. You may have different experiences. In fact, I may include other subjects like…. Personal finance. Why personal finance? Because I am obsessed with that particular subject, so it will most definitely come up in conversation now and again! Also, non-traditional careers that don’t require a college degree. That sounds really specific, but it’s something that concerns me. We have a very college-focused society, but not everyone needs to go to college to be successful.

My first main topic will be about building your own computer. This will be a post of several parts. Part 1 is about why you should build a computer and where to shop for parts.

Tell us who you are!

We’d like to know who is visiting us, what brought you here, and what you’d like to see here! Leave a comment or two or three! If there’s a topic you want to have included, write a post and send it to me! This blog will work best with your input.

Thanks for visiting, and come back any time!

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