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I’m Coding

An Update Yesterday, on August 17, 2019, this blog ( came back up online after… oh, about 6 months offline. Since I self-host, I have to keep up with all the latest and greatest tech to make sure my site stays secure and online. But, I am not really what […] Read More

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Build by specialization

I always like to share cool tech articles I find. This Ars Technica article takes a different approach on picking out computer parts for your build. Instead of going through specs for each part, it starts with answering the question: What are you doing with this computer? It asks you […] Read More

I hate accounts

Here I am on my day off perusing the internets. I’m just wandering wherever my mind takes me – searching for news on topics I like – looking for new projects I can try when I finish the 19 I’m working on currently – searching for fixes of issues I’ve […] Read More